guess who’s back? back again~!

heya all my frens and everyone who used to view my blog, i’m back 🙂

it has been a while since i laz updated my blog… it is so long that i almost forgot i actually own a blog!!! man i’m such a sicko~!! oh well, i have to say that i have been real busy recently but still i guess dat’s juz another excuse stopping me from blogging… pretty sorry for those who still keep on checking out my blog frequently… or may be there’re non… but still… hey, i’m back 🙂

ok, 1st thing 1st! the motivation for me to continue bloggin… lately i get to meet up wiv a fren of mine who cant read mandarin, he was telling me that he actually read my blog and kept traking on my update and although he doesnt read mandarin still he enjoy seeing the photo…. well… i would have to say i’m really touched… as u all noe, i been writting a lot in mandarin infact this is only the 2nd entry that i’m writting in english… so thx everyone who are still visitting my blog 🙂

ok updates, wat am i busying for lately….

studying??? no way!!! i never been hardworking in my academic and i seriously doubt that i ever will be

working??? well, sort of but not really… i might be having another project in Indonesia soon again… thx to fairuz and roze!!! but still… i’m not dat helpful in the planning stage (argh~~!!!! i so gotta make myself useful in this)

patt tor?? hmmm… like it has always been i got into MMU, i’m still single and i’m not up to anyone, but i’m still SAD like i always am… Single Available Desperate

ok, that’s pretty much wrap up wat was i doin lately! boring yet lame, hahaha!

and quick update on wat’s goin on lately….

chinese new year celebration…
pretty much the same like it has been for the previous yrs, but not feeling the CNY mood, fuck thx to MMU for only giving us 4 days holidays for the festive season of the yr!

good bye and welcome to housemates~!!
good bye and take care to Aaron who is no longer staying wiv us, he decided to abandon us move to sri petaling which is much closer to his college as he is studying in APITT now, and god, his new room has aircond~!!
mean while, occupying his room now are 2 new leng lui housemates, ice and virginia!!! boy!! it sure feels good having gals in the house 🙂 and hell ya we well-equipt our kitchen, and ice been feeding us fat wiv lots of good food~!!!!

valentine day??
oh well, is juz another ordinary day for me (sad case~!!!) … but thx to sue ann for asking me out along wiv the leng lui frens! appreciate dat 🙂 and we go all the way long to Barcelona~!! Sii!!! Barcelona, sii!! the Bar Celona in sunway, yes it is =_=

wei hock’s bro’s wedding
ok… i think i really should consider on writting a complete post on this event as this is by far the biggest wedding ceremony i ever attended! no kiddin… stay tune for the update ( which i cant promise when will it be, will try to update as soon as i could)
how grand is the ceremony u’re asking? oh well… it was juz 300 tables… yeap, 300 tables not 300 ppl~!! so i guess it would be worth waiting for the photo 🙂

dinner at the mariot wiv the team!
it suppose to be in Shang Putrajaya but there were not having buffet that tnite and very limited item in the a lar cate menu… and the reason given by the manager was… “sorry sir, we’re not having buffet due to low occupancy tonite” … malu la wei… Shangrila after all leh!!! and the most interesting item in the menu is like.. err… mee mamak which cost rm20! wat the hell… we moved to mariot for a buffet dinner… the food is alrite! and thx to fairuz for the treat!!

i guess… dat’s all for this 2 mths which i missed out… haha! and y am i writting this blog now?? coz i’m waiting for my fren to go for dinner and movie while doin nothing~!!!! the reason y am i here!? oh well… i did by far the stupiest thing this sem!! i actually missed out my lab!! not dat i forgot the date but i mess up the time!!! it suppose to be a morning lab but i tot it is on afternoon session~!!!!! argh!!!!! cant forgive myself for dat!! the best part is…. 2 of my other frens, E-xian and Yz tot it is on afternoon as well…
ok, here goes the formula,
stupidity for confusing the time slot for lab = X
how many ppl did the same mistake = 3 idiots
total stupidity = X power to 3

man we’re so screwed up~!!! haha! shit does happen i guess 😛

till then, see u guys!!! bye~~!!!!


~ by xinzhan on March 7, 2008.

One Response to “guess who’s back? back again~!”

  1. It’s 20 days already. Hehee next post update update i demand! lol

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