All the little things that make life great

欣声: Always wanted to have a blog in english, but i’m not that confident with my English writtin skill and i do think that i can express myself better in mandarin. hence, i’m havin a mandarin blog. but still, i think i can still blog in English once in a while 🙂

This blog is progressing so slow that there’s barely any post in whole week time, and it seems like i gonna take forever to finish bloggin about my Bali trip which is no longer a recent trip 😛 still… not forgetting to update on my daily university life here 🙂

all these while, i think i’m one of the so called ‘happy go lucky” guy in most’s mind. from my point of view, there’re too many worries and problems to mess up our good o life, so if u cant get rid of it, y don u live happily together wiv it. and if u try a lil bit harder, it ain hard for u to notice dat hapiness are actualy all around, and wonderful stuff do happen on us all the time 🙂

here are some of the happy things that happened to m recently… ok, may be i’m juz one of the happy go lucky guy who is easily pleased, but still i don think dat there’s any problem wiv it 🙂 hav fun frenz~! 😀

a box of donuts freshly delivered from jakarta 😀 thx to fairuz n roze for sharing! it was my 1st time trying krispy kreme~! Mmm~ mm!!!

one big bowl of gyudon (beef bowl like wat yoshinoya is serving) wiv well flavoured tender beef slice stir fried wiv lots of onion. man, i like onion!!

the great cook behind the satisfying bowl of gyudon, eric! who is insisting the original japanese taste and cheap price 😀 cool!

tronky, some imported choc which taste heavenly! special thx to lippy 😀 and they said happy moment are meant to be share, so i shared all 6 sticks of it wiv my frens, hope u don mind! of coz they love it 😀

50% off
quicksilver n roxy frens n family sale! storewide 50% off!! thx to yuki!!! hehe!! but gotta admit it, i would be even happier if i have more cash to shop 😛

RM4 6pm onwards
checked-in into the sg wang carpark at 18:00 sharp!? sg wang charged RM4 per entry rite after 6pm! woo~~~~ lucky!! or else it would b like RM2 for every hour.

the sweet waitress in krispy kreme jakarta who gav me this donut for GRATIS~! and GRATIS means free in bahasa Indon~!!! Gratis easily became my fav indon word!!!! i remember victor claiming to wai ling that they only giv it GRATIS for leng cai, as only both of us got the donut 😛 cheers 😀

beautiful sky
a beatiful day~! happiness is juz dat simple 🙂

good music~! and even greater to hav em’ in Ipod~! thx t my bro in USA!!!! no music no life~! awesome!

a wild trip to genting and come back within a nite! 😀 thx to jol for the crazy idea!

frens arond us~! life juz wont be the same without them 🙂

great band, backstreet boys! =_=!!! or should i say great housemates to live together wiv 😀

laz but not least, my family 🙂 and welcome home boy boy 😀

so, have u found the lil things around u that make u a happier person 🙂


~ by xinzhan on December 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “All the little things that make life great”

  1. Kudos to sinztenz!
    Great start towards a more universally understandable blog! 😀

    haha! thx! will try to blog in english oftenly! but u took mandarin course before rite 😛 try to read my mandarin blog too, all in very simple mandarin 😛 or at least browse tru the photo la 😀 hehe~!

  2. The donuts so delicious … nice pictures taken … don’t lazy to update your blog often … hahaha


    will try best to update as often as posible 🙂 yea, KK donuts are awesome!!! go try J.CO, it’s quite a heat at KL now!

  3. Quicksilver n Roxy frens n family sale! storewide 50% off!!
    Aiyer…Got ‘hou ye’ din inform me..>.<
    Hmm..I prefer Big Apple over J Co..Big Apple roxXx!!

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